LabLog3 : 21/04/2017

21 Apr , 2017 General News

LabLog3 : 21/04/2017

With a lot more new climbs recently set it’s been an exciting week down at The Climbing Lab.  Our in-house setters reset Oranges V0 -V2 with some interesting moves and a rather testing overhanging meanie, see what you think.  And Joe Swales took the Black set V5 – V7 and created some accessible and more challenging climbs to get your teeth into.  Upcoming in the next Reset are Purples and Pinks, get any projects dialled in the next several days to avoid disappointment.



As Spring has sprung we have invested in some new holds and volumes for you to enjoy.  Watch out for new shapes and challenges emerging in the coming months resets…


Last Tuesday saw a cracking Boot Demo fronted by @Tenaya where a tonne of folk wore, enjoyed and ordered from their range of shoes and benefitted from a 20% discount on all shoes purchased.  Tenaya’s have a reputation as being both comfortable and high performing and are worn by some of the world’s most elite climbers.  Try a pair of Masai or Oasi next time you’re at The Climbing Lab to see what the hype is about.  Or read reviews here 


Photo from Tenaya Website Here


Currently at The Climbing Lab we are working on shooting a number of training videos to introduce you to and improve on your training routines.  Do you have any specific questions or topics you would like covered in these episodes?  If so, please drop us an email to

Get ready to streeeetch and improve your climbing game, Yoga at The Climbing Lab is coming at you in new and interesting forms.  Firstly our ever popular Tuesday Yoga sessions have grown to include Dynamic Yoga 6 – 7.30pm and Climbing Focused Yoga 8 -9 pm which will include calisthenic inspired exercise alongside yoga postures.  

We are also proud to host Acroyoga which is a mix of acrobatics and yoga, a 6 week Beginners Course starts Wednesday 3rd May and the Improvers class is Mondays from 7 – 8.30pm.  Book your sessions here 

For details, updates and to ask a question about our yoga classes please join the FB group by clicking HERE


Lastly if you’ve been feeling a little broken after too much climbing and really want some professional advice on what exactly is going on with your body and how to nurture it back to health then look no further than our very own Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Tom Davison of Crux Physiotherapy.  He offers Physio, rehab and training every Friday at The Climbing Lab.  Interested?  Then contact him on 07846 178000 or visit his website for more details

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